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Setup & Install

Remote computer repair services included

  • Set-up & Install Multifunctional Devices
  • Set-up & Install Anti-Spyware
  • Set-up & Install Anti-Virus
  • Email Set-up
  • Email Rules
  • Set-up New Internet Connection
  • Set-up & Install your PC
  • Set-up & Install New Software
  • Set-up Install Your PC & Microsoft Operating System
  • Set-up & Install Multifunctional Devices
  • Set-up & Install your Printer
  • Set-up Firewall and Protect Your Identity

Troubleshoot your Computer

Online PC repair services for troubleshooting computer problems include

  • Computer Repair
  • Email Problem
  • Internet Connection
  • Microsoft Help
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Software Issues
  • Internet Browsers


PC Health Check & Optimization

Services Included

  • Optimize Start-up
  • PC Health Check
  • Improve your Internet Speed


Services Included

  • Setup & Install Anti-Spyware
  • Setup & Install Anti-Virus
  • Spyware Removal
  • Virus online PC repair support

Data Backup

Services Included

  • Data Protection

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US : 1­800­491­3022

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